Corporate Training

We train line managers to coach in order to meet business and regulatory requirements. We believe in implementing meaningful learning and development initiatives for emerging leaders to executive leads, so that they can grow to higher levels of success. A Manager's success depends on how they can get the best out of the resources available to them - people, time and money. Increasingly, corporates are looking at Managers to act as Coaches for the organisation and for their teams. It is becoming crucial for Managers and Executives to develop a Leadership style that incorporates Coaching. Our signature workshops are designed to modify behaviour that transforms people into leaders who deliver results.

The signature workshops are designed to modify behaviour that transforms people into leaders who deliver results.

Our Signature Corporate Training Programs


The Potential Leaders workshop is designed for employees who are currently in a leadership role, have been recently promoted to a leadership role, or have been targeted for future advancement. This significant workshop has been specifically designed to meet the needs of emerging leaders. It has been developed with the belief that the choices new managers make define the leaders they become.

COACHING FOR SUCCESS (Leaders as Powerful Coaches)

Coaching for Success examines the value of coaching for enhanced performance. All leaders must develop their teams/employees and effective coaching is a solution to accomplish this crucial task. This workshop covers all aspects of coaching.

GOAL SETTING (Set Goals Effectively)

You must have a plan to get where you want to go. Setting goals and working towards them is a foundation to success. Setting, tracking and reaching goals are both a mindset and a process. The training in this session focuses on how to establish and achieve high payoff activities.

**Based on the need of the organisation we also offer customised training programs.

Training Workshops

We offer a variety of presentations, interactive workshops, and programs to help anyone realise their potential for success and achieve their goals. We enable you with the tools to reach them. This is for those in need of a little push in the right direction, we provide members with the tools, advice, and thinking skills necessary to set and achieve personal goals in all aspects of life.

The Workshops bring together a diverse group of people with one thing in common: they are ready to create change in their lives. And they do. A willingness to improve and a positive attitude are the keys to living a very fulfilling life.

Our Signature Training Workshop

Pathway to SUCCESS

Perform BETTER,Achieve MORE

You are The POWER


Online Trainings

Learn anywhere anytime…….

The online training programs are practical alternatives for entrepreneurs and executives who are seeking ways to improve performance, but do not have the time to attend traditional executive retreats, seminars, or training workshops.

We are offering powerful and highly effective training that is designed just for you. Our aim here is to get your business strong so that you know what you are doing in order to reach your desired goal. The program combines videos, workbooks, presentation slides and a personal instructor in a unique way to guide each participants through the transformational learning.

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